Robert J. Nagel
Barrister & Solicitor

Tips for a Successful Real Estate Transaction

Whether you are buying, selling or refinancing your home or future home, there are several steps that must take place between the start of your transaction and your closing date.  While many of us rely upon the services of professionals, such as lawyers, realtors and mortgage specialists, in completing these transactions, there are several steps which you as the homeowner or future homeowner can do as part of the process.  As an assistance to you, we have provided the following list of "Things To Do When..." to help you know what steps you should be taking to prepare for your closing day.  


Things To Do When You Are Purchasing

Things To Do When You Are Selling

Things To Do When You Are Refinancing

* Please note that the above-noted lists should not be considered exhaustive lists of all steps which should be taken as part of a real estate transaction. To ensure that you complete all necessary steps to conclude your real estate transaction, you should contact your lawyer as soon as possible after entering into an Agreement of Purchase and Sale to purchase or sell a property or after arranging new financing to be registered against an existing property. *