Robert J. Nagel
Barrister & Solicitor

Real Estate

Land transfer tax is a necessary evil for most home buyers.  It is the tax paid to the province on the purchase price of the property.  The amount of land transfer tax you pay depends on the purchase price of your home.  For a quick calculation of land transfer tax, refer to the following:

Note that some exemptions exist for first time home buyers.  Please contact our office for further details.

Robert's Top Ten Tips for a Successful Real Estate Purchase

Here are my top ten tips to avoid undesirable surprises on the purchase of your new home.

1. Choose your professional advisors with care.

2. Require a professional home inspection.

3. Get it in writing.

4. Require a Vendor Property Information Statement

5. Determine your financial needs early on.

6. Reserve a pre-closing inspection and do it.

7. Take your own water sample (or make sure your realtor takes it.)

8. Avoid closing on the "last Friday of the month".

9. Talk to your lawyer before scheduling movers.

10. Consider bridge financing.

Land Transfer Tax